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3 Steps to Get Organised for Tax Time

Posted on 08 Jun 2018

Imagine having your refund already in hand, while all your friends are still scrambling to dig up old receipts and complete their tax return. Get a head start on your taxes by referring to our recommendations for this season.

3 Quick Ways to Save Money On Office Expenses

Posted on 23 May 2018

Thinking economically can have a huge impact on your business's bottom line, but you don't have to sacrifice a lot in order to run an efficient and profitable operation.

Mega's 20 Shades Of Grey

Posted on 09 May 2018

A fusion of design and function all in one pencil.


Comfort Your Workplace With Kensington

Posted on 26 Apr 2018

If you're looking for an enhanced work performance, then Kensington is your call.


We are your Educational Gurus

Posted on 20 Feb 2018

Search no more! We offer our schools the easiest online access to an ever expanding range of goods through the delivery of remarkable customer service.

Looking for educational specialists?

Search no more! We offer our schools the easiest online access to an ever expanding range of goods through the delivery of remarkable customer service.


We provide schools with a hassle free ordering system, a variety of list builders, predictive purchasing based on history, simple account and user management, easy payments and easy access to order history.

Offering 35,000 products Browse the top purchases of other schools


Fantastic online store with customised service to our needs. Products available are very competitive in pricing. Staff have friendly phone manners and willing to help with enquiries . They are quick to get back with any follow ups that may occur. Fast turn around from order to delivery - which can be so critical in our industry. Can highly recommend and will pass on experience through our Network of schools. Thank you for great Customer Service !

- Gold Coast Business School Manager (BSM)

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The Importance of Ergonomics in the Workplace

Posted on 16 Feb 2018

The perks of working on an ergonomic office are endless for both employers and employees. The most important benefits however are increasing productivity and reducing costs in addition to refining the quality of work.

6 Ways to Bring your Children Back to School with Excitement

Posted on 05 Jan 2018

Getting your children back to school can be tricky after the holidays, don't worry though, here are 6 ways you can help your kids kick off the school year with excitement.

4 Healthy Tips to Help You Boost Work Productivity

Posted on 14 Nov 2017

Tired from feeling overworked? Here are some tips that will help you maintain your energy throughout the day.

End of financial year is here, make sure you invest in your business!

Posted on 09 Jun 2017

The end of the financial year is just under a month away which makes June the time to prioritise any capital investments in your business.

The dirty secrets some of your suppliers don’t want you to know

Posted on 27 Mar 2017

You wouldn’t want to pass up a great offer in order to improve your bottom-line would you? Before you switch your supplier allegiances, consider this scenario...