Make Your Products Stand Out!

Posted on March 05, 2019


Learn how labels and label design can increase sales, ignite consumer loyalty and even WOW customers to the point that they tell others about you.

One way is by using multiple labels on a product or package creates more space for the information you want to get across and more scope on the persuasive design. The positive outcome are cumulative as a result.

Your labels help your products really stand out from the crowd. Avery understands this, so it has a comprehensive range of labels in oval, rectangular, arched, square and round shapes to give your products a look of their own. 

Avery Design & Print

Avery comes to the rescue whenever you need design and printing assistance. Avery Design & Print template software is a free online offering that enables you to create your own labels and print them easily. You can include your logos, images and delivery instructions on each label, and print them at home or in your office when you need them.

Design & Print template software is a straightforward, easy-to-use platform that simplifies all your labeling requirements, and lets you save time and money as well!

kraft brown rectangular product labels - 270 / Pack




A Label for Every Job 

Using the right labels can make all the difference for your business. For instance, ensure all your deliveries reach their destination by using Avery Address Labels, which feature Quick Peel and Sure Feed technology, so they won’t jam printers and are guaranteed to look their best.

white address labels with quick peel pop-up edge - 1400 / pack




Avery Shipping Labels
for parcels, which feature a unique silver backing to cover old labels called TrueBlock, let you reuse packaging to save both the environment and money.

Parcel handlers are sure to see Avery High Visibility Shipping Labels on urgent or fragile parcels. They can be used for This Way Up labels too.

yellow signalling labels - 400 / pack





Heavy Duty and Safety Labels

Avery industrial grade labels have the durability and adhesive capabilities to handle chemical and toxic substance areas, heavy grime environments, fresh and salt water, very hot and very cold conditions.
There are Avery industrial label sizes and shapes to suit any rugged application you can throw at them.

durable heavy duty labels - 525 / pack




Name Labels

Avery Fabric Name Badge Labels are made from a flexible fabric material so they can adjust to the movements of wearers, and they use an adhesive that will hold on but peel off easily without leaving adhesive residue behind.

fabric name badge labels




No-Iron Clothing Labels

Avery No-Iron Clothing labels use permanent adhesive so they’re ideal for school, campus, sports and other group occasions. They’re also perfect for hats, bags and briefcases, backpacks and other personal items.

They can be written on with permanent markers, stuck on items quickly, and what’s more, they can withstand countless washing cycles and don’t need ironing.

fabric name badge labels




Filing Labels

You’ll never lose important documents when you use Avery Filing Labels. These permanent adhesive labels stay put so your documents stay where they should but can be replaced using Avery Design & Print template software to redesign and print new labels for them.

By choosing the most appropriate label for each occasion, you can be sure that your business is everything you aspire to by working with you — and for you.

white filing labels - 600 labels / 25 sheets