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The dirty secrets some of your suppliers don’t want you to know

Posted on March 27, 2017


You wouldn’t want to pass up a great offer in order to improve your bottom-line would you? Before you switch your supplier allegiances, consider this scenario...

The Situation

You have just been cold called by a company’s sales representative. They have offered to quote you on your top ten items.  They have come back with a quote and the pricing on those ten looks extremely good compared to your current supplier. 

The Issue

Whilst those prices quoted may give you the feeling that this supplier must be a lot cheaper overall, look at the bigger picture.  Compare other everyday items that do not appear on this quote that are regular items in your shopping cart and you may be surprised. 

Those extremely good prices on some products are probably “Loss Leaders” – a pricing strategy where a product is sold below market price to stimulate sales of other more profitable products.

Another word of advice, if you plan to go ahead with this new supplier, be sure to check in with them in six months’ time to see what their pricing is like. Suppliers have been known to price creep over time. 

The Solution

Mega Office Supplies aims to give access to a huge range of products online at ‘fair for all’ pricing.  We have no smoke and mirrors, we keep it simple and we believe all customers should get the fairest price every day. Yes, prices go up over time, but what you will not find with us is volatile price differences among a basket of products.

If you'd like to discuss a quote your have received or have a question, call us on 1300 783 961 or fill out our contact form to chat with our helpful customer service team.