Welcome to Mega Office Supplies

Posted on October 28, 2016


Mega Office Supplies has undergone rapid transformation to be where it is today. A continual evolution of our brand and offer has ensured that we are a trusted supplier of office supplies to schools, businesses and government departments all over Australia.

Our family history combines with stationery and office supplies to provide customers with great value.  Marty Bate, the company’s owner, grew up in the office supplies business through working with his (now retired) parents. They owned a newsagent in Northern NSW the 1990s before moving into commercial office supplies in the 2000s. 

Marty went out independently in Tweed Heads in 2005-2006, initially becoming a member of Office National.  Six years later Marty joined the elite independent office suppliers group, ASA.  The invitation to join this new office supplies group resulted in a name change from Office National Tweed to Cloud Office Supplies.

In 2012 Marty began exploring the e-commerce possibilities of office supplies through a few niche online portals.  This exploration quickly grew into a serious business, with close to 20 different niche sites. Suffice to say, these 20 different niche eCommerce sites soon became a monster to manage, and in 2015 these sites were consolidated into our current home.

Our new brand ‘Mega Office Supplies’ was officially launched in mid-2016, and we have already connected with, and delivered to, nearly 0.5% of Australia’s population and also supplied international customers. With over 150,000 unique contacts per month, it is a very exciting time for our team.

Our business goal is to deliver outstanding customer service by offering tens of thousands of products online at amazing prices to everyone.

Our values are simple, we want to:

  • Provide easy, online access to a huge range of products complemented by outstanding customer service.
  • Provide value to all customers, be they artists, students, small business owners, SMEs, government departments, or large corporations.
  • Provide great pricing that is complemented by supportive customer service.

The team is here to ensure you get the best value, promptly and efficiently. We look forward to becoming your trusted online supplier of all your office requirements.